The CartoCamp in Segou


OSM Mali organised a “ CartoCamp“  from September 11th to 15th in collaboration with the University of Ségou.

This partnership between OSM Mali and the University in Segou started last year, in August 2016 after 6 members from this OSM community have trained  of 40 students. Since then, University’s staff asked OSM Mali to make this activity an annual event.


The aims of the CartoCamp are to promote OpenStreetMap by training students in Geography,Geology  and computer Science in:

  • webmapping
  • Data collection
  • Importance of OSM Data to respond to natural disasters
  • Reuse of OSM Data for sustainable Development purposes
  • Use of the OSM through TIC

This year, the University’s staff selected students to be trained specifically in order they can share colleagues and also directly apply this new knowledge for the needs of their  topics.

25 motivated Students attended this CartoCamp and all were able to map to use OsmAnd  and OSMTracker applications and collect lots of data In Segou city.

They are now all skilled enough to export OSM data through BBBIKe, overpass and HOT Export and to reuse it in webmapping tools such as Umap  and also in QGIS.


Students and staff of University  were very grateful to us at the end  of the CartoCamp and suggested to organise more CcartoCamps every year  than only one  as well as other mapping events, even if remotely.



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